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I haz brain freeze. Halp?

Totally drives me crazy when I have an idea for a post bouncing around in my brain like a pinball on speed. I thought maybe my Monday Squee on the EE Blog might jog something, but no luck.

So far, I have…(and this was the note I sent myself)

Geeks and sex. Mention Digg comment on previous post.

I figured, why not talk about sex.

Well, not sex per se. Let’s save that for down the road. After all, we just met ;-)

No. Let’s talk about Geeks and the art of the cyberflirt.

It’s the digital age.

But here’s where I’m stuck. See, I could do something funny and that’s cool. Or I could give a little bit of insight on cyber flirting. My concern? Do I really want to give advice and do I want to maybe inspire people to overstep boundaries.

Truth is, I likely have some fun suggestions and I may even be able to give people some ideas on how to flirt more easily online. But..gah.

Still, if I make a joke, I end up making it look like geeks don’t flirt online — which we all know they do.

Yeah, this is me in a conundrum. Any thoughts on a way out of this?


  1. I’ve literally been married online more times than in reality….does that count?

  2. Give us both scenarios. The ‘cool’ and then the funny BIZARRO universe version. I like to see both sides to the same coin and maybe the additional insight will give me the desire to be a boundaries overstepper.

  3. kristen mchugh kristen mchugh

    did it not like the comment? O hai fail. Anyhoo… Re: geeks and flirting. Geeks are passionate people, who most likely spent their adolescence pursuing those passionate interests, rather than social interaction. Thus, VERY knowledgeable about their interests. Online flirting is all about tone, i.e. Emoticons and small talk. Geeks are awesome at this. Closing the deal, or in person… Depends on the geek. Confidence is critical to flirting. Online, geeks rule the universe. IRL, geeks still pretty much rule the universe, they just look powerless. It’s Clark Kent vs. Superman – which one do you wanna go home with? The other challenge is this: Straight male geeks, want girls who look like Lara Croft or Elektra, or Wonder Woman. Straight geek girls are more realistic. As for LGBT, I’m not sure what most of the geeks in community are looking for. :)

  4. I say you should get a whole bunch of people who have met online and have been a success and a failure, take the 2 best ones you get, and then post about it. Show where things went wrong and how to improve, or where they went right and how you should do it!

  5. everyone knows if you wanna flirt, all you have to do is login to WoW, make a female night elf, or blood elf, and dance on a mailbox :) works for girls and guys… lol

  6. Try and get people to overstep their own boundaries. So many are afraid that they’ll go too far with someone. Flirting over the internet *should* give you that boost of confidence to help you step back from your glasses and computer screen and be that hot girl behind the code :) I know I do my best flirting online and through sexting. I feel less inhibited, like I can hide behind my tech and use it to my benefit. I’m invisible, yet totally out in the open.

  7. Nothing risked, nothing gained. You clearly have at least a vague idea of what you are doing, I say go with it.

  8. I met my husband online when we were 16. (twas 10 years ago now)

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