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Thursday Link Lovin’

I’m out of the office on Friday, so I thought I’d do this today. Just a quick link round up of things I wanted to point out and give a little link love to ;-)

Single, Geek, Broke? @geeksdreamgirl is doing 25% off dating services at – Use code JULY4. She’s got some good stuff over there. ::nodnod::

I know I’ve been talking BPAL, so here’s the link. ::grin::

If you missed the lovely and talented @zerbetron‘s tweet, she tried out for American Idol last night and is headed back tonight. Check out the vid. She’s pretty dang good!

Top 5 Firefly-inspired songs
over on GeekSix.

This handsome man popped in my head, so I share his music with ya ;-)

Awesome Music! I Kissed A Girl – Power Metal Version and I found Sounds of Fear and Walkin’ Like Brando by the Hyperions on Yahoo Music. If you like psychobilly/rockabilly, you should like ’em ;-)

Podcasts, you say?

@entearth did 2 for today. They’re thisaway. Or find them here: Entertainment Earth Toy of the Week Podcast: July 2, 2009 Edition


Entertainment Earth Podcast: July 2, 2009 Edition
“New movies, new Joe toys, Battlestar Galactica Minimates vehicles, Beverly Hills Cop toys, and the return of the Fugitoid. And the Party Wagon. Truly, a wonderful week.”

The geeks at the Borked Cast just posted Week 3 and I do love pimpin’ them ;-)

Seattle Geekly
has a new podcast up. Always a good thing.

Aside from that, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend, some down time and a little relaxation.

Kisses all around!

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