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Ghost Writer: Day 1

Stumbled across Baz Anderson on Twitter this morning then tripped over his blog I R Klutz!). Once I did (and due to the fact that I just haven’t been able to find my ability to write today) I lured asked him to come over and write my post for me today. My first guest blogger!

Motoko Kusanagi tears through Ghost In The Shell like a woman possessed. She is a beautiful, but troubled woman – a killing machine – a human brain transplanted into a cyborg body who pushes herself to the limits because she wants to know who she really is. If you’ve seen any of the many manga, anime or films will you know that her ice cold exterior hides a burning core of conflicting emotions.

I love this particular statue because it is a simple, elegant reminder of one of the most original anime characters ever created. The color palette used and the careful attention to the detail of the uniform is exquisite. It is understated. It is like a moment of calm before the storm. I can almost imagine walking into section 9 and seeing Motoko waiting, wondering why we’re late to set out on our next assignment.

If you love the art of anime, then you can appreciate the difficulty of translating the hyper-reality depicted in your favorite works into a tangible form. Pieces like this that remind you why you love a particular character and draw you in to that character’s world are priceless.

Baz Anderson is the creator of and I offer humble Geek Girl thanks for his help today ;-)

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