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What Is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me..)

Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day coming up. Maybe I still have the comment I read in this article on /film yesterday.

“For the record, Merriam-Webster defines a fanboy as, ‘A boy who is an enthusiastic devotee (as of comics or movies).’ Interesting that they don’t include the term fangirl, which I hear all the time. Can’t a girl be just as enthusiastic as a boy, Merriam-Webster?”

My first thought was “Frakkin’ A, she can!”

That says a lot, right there, hm?

So, as a fangirl/GeekGirl/GothBabe whathaveyou and in honor of GeekLove I decided to write up the:

Top Ten Benefits of a GeekGirl.

1) If we end up dragging you to the mall to go shopping, you’re more likely to end up playing with new laptops at the Apple Store than sitting around by the dressing room at Windsor Fashions.

2) If you get wife/gf aggro on WoW, it’s just because you got her killed. AGAIN.

3) You always have someone to discuss plot points of Dollhouse, Firefly, BSG and Burn Notice with during the obligatory TiVo commercial skippage.

4) We don’t complain about the space your toy collections take up. (Just the fact that you have a better one!)

5) Our SDCC costume is much more likely to get you free swag, photo ops and line cuts for autographs than yours.

6) We understand that you don’t actually answer the phone you carry and just text or Tweet those last minute shopping lists.

7) We have no problem with you hanging with the guys for poker night on Xbox Live – it gives us more time for Anime and Alcohol Saturdays with the girls.

8) We understand that, when we buy you comics, we need to get you a reading copy AND a copy for the collection.

9) Instead of being that chick who calls you a nerd and walks away, we smile invitingly and beckon you closer.

10) We understand the inherent value in a good Frak. ;-)

I’d love any additions and comments are welcome. This is, as always a work in progress. Because, you know, everything could use a tweak. ;-)

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  1. -Anniversary/Birthday/Valentine’s presents are always easy: find the next season of your favorite sci-fi series on DVD.
    -Getting you to stop complaining about the next new piece of wired technology added to our home entertainment center happens just as soon as I’ve bit-torrented that obscure made for TV movie you wish you could find and loaded it on the media center.
    -You understand taking the day off to line up for the next big movie opening (Harry Potter, Star Trek, and so on…)

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