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Wednesday Link Lovin’

Sometimes, you just have to give a little link love. Today is that day for me.

In GGD news (I think it’s insane that I even have GGD news!):

I asked folks to come do a little writing experiment on the blog and got some awesome responses. I wonder if we should do it again? ;-)

Seattle Geekly did a podcast on Geek Girls. Yeah, they interviewed me, but they did also interview some other rockin’ Geek Babes and Matt and Shannon are very cool people, so check ’em out.

Here’s a few things I saw out and about or found because of people being awesome and linking. Just sharing ;-)

Buffy Shuts Down Edward Cullen In The Best Clip Ever (I about killed myself grinning. My face HURT!)

Roger Ebert Nails Transformers. (Dude. Pwned)

And, because the Geek Girl backlash against the L.A. Times and IGN was a thing of beauty:

“The Girl’s Guide To Comic Con”: Headdesk Powers, Activate!

San Diego Comic Con: Not Really For Girls?

If Girls Were Nerds, They’d Probably Be Pissed

A Geek Girl Strikes Back

The Real Girl’s Guide to SDCC

When Geek Girls Attack!

I have to tell you, it’s been one of those months where I’m just digging on people. So, click a link, check stuff out and share the love ;-)


  1. Fey Fey

    I laughed so hard during the “Buffy slams Edward” clip that not only did I fall off my chair, but I had half the office stopping by to see if I was alright and what the fuss was about! :)

    Too awesome by far…

    Thank you for addign giggle to my day!

  2. Hi GGD. I recently discovered your blog and so far like what I see. However, and I apologise if I’m not the first fellow female geek to ask this question: why Geek *Girl* Diva? I know it’s alliterative, but “girl” squicks me, even more so when women use it to describe ourselves. “Gal” isn’t really an improvement. Geek Goddess Diva may be approaching hubris too closely. Geekess Diva doesn’t work. I wish I could think of a suitable synonym for woman / female that didn’t automatically smack of “young”. It’s probably my issue, as I just turned 36, but I remember half my life ago when I was 18, I would not have been happy to have been called “girl”….

  3. I’ve seen it all. I officially spend too much time on the internet.

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