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The new Puppet Master Blade plush is adorbz as all get out

Once upon a time, back in the long, long ago, I was in the industry and one of the studios that always seemed to be casting and looking for new people was Full Moon. They were a number of friends’ first LA acting gigs and they’ll always have a special place in my heart for being both horror and quirk and the movie company that got my friend literally bitten in the ass in Ghoulies ::grin::

So I was totally stoked to get an email debuting their new “Plush Buddy” line because, well, we know I love plush.

First up in the series is Puppet Master‘s own Blade.

He’s 12 inches tall, comes with a collectible hang tag featuring character art and personality stats, and is available now for $24.95 from Amazon and Full Moon’s own online store

Was so stoked when I spotted this. ::grin:: Day = made.

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