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QMx announces more adorable product for SDCC. I want it all!

Just spotted this news over on the QMx Facebook page:

First chance to buy Trekkies Q-Pop figures at SDCC!

At our booth next week (#3249), you’ll have your first shot at buying the cutest Starfleet ever to grace the bridge: Kirk, Spock and Uhura will all be available in very limited quantities at the show:

I’m sharing them because they’re adorable and, if you can’t be at SDCC, you can get on the waiting list to get them after the show.

Love the Uhura so much in the FACE!

I’m stoked to see these will be in soon and I can’t wait to see them in person. I’m not sure if the Tribbles will be at the show or if they won’t be in until after, but you gonna get on the waiting list for these babies.

I hope you guys’ll make sure to drop by the QMx booth and check out all the goodies because I have a feeling there’s going to be all kinds of awesome there.

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