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Tell Auzuregos we said “sup”.

Granted, I asked the question on my Twitter earlier, but it really did get me thinking.

“Okay, question for the guys…why do so many action figures have BULGING muscles but TINY shorts? Is that what guys aspire to? ::evil grin::

I want to know who designs these things and why they like to make figures that look like they should be in front of the Baseball Commission along with A-Rod being asked about HGH.

Just sayin’.

In other news, I’ve been:

1) watching the pics come in from ToyFair and drooling. @ToplessRobot caused me to squee aloud with this post of an upcoming WoW babe (For the record, I understand exactly why she looks this way, fellas).

2) waiting for the impending challenge of a lightsaber duel between @GreatWhiteSnark and @Topless Robot. And trying to decide who will manage to get the video to @bonniegrrl first.

3) Trying not to drawn in the outofnowehere deluges of rain that seem to come and go without warning.

4) Staring at pictures of Hugh Jackman.

5) Oh and still laughing about this contribution to the Dear Kel’Thuzad thread on the WoW Forums.

Dear Kel’thuzad,

It looks as if it is working. Our idea of stealing most of the Bag of Candies and melting the Ice Stone has confused the travelers. This distraction has made many cry. The tears taste good and strengthen me.

Malygos “

So, how about you?

What are YOU doing?

(Yes, this is me requesting you comment. :;wink:: )

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  1. Staring at Hugh Jackman is a noble pursuit undertaken by the most devoted of fangirls. We’re like paladins, in a way. Paladins of drooling over manflesh. ;)

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