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My open letter to the @moviefone editor who approved the “Girl’s Guide To The Avengers”.

I know there are already posts and outrage about your article and I’m sure what I have to say might have been said, but I wanted to add my comments to this for a specific reason. I could take the time to be offended as a woman person. I mean, your “Girls Guide To The Avengers” was offensive and tacky. But I have a bigger problem with it and it’s what has my “panties in a twist” so to speak.

I’m pretty sure one of two things happened here:

1) You knew it was a troll-y piece of girl bashing fluff and posted it anyway. At which point it’s just link bait (you’ll note I’m not linking to you) and, as my friend Scott Weinberg commented, “yellow journalism”.


2) You read it and actually thought it was well written “satire” and ran it.

Either one of those things worries me more that the idea that Jessie Heyman wrote a piece of tripe that pretty much reinforces every bad stereotype about women there is. I mean, it makes women as a whole look like air headed fools and makes men look like insecure assholes who need a woman to “stroke” their egos because they want to go to a super hero movie.

That’s my issue.

The article shouldn’t have been approved, in my opinion.

Of course, my estrogen level pretty much means I’m an idiot, right? ;-)



Links of other woman who said stuff about this that was awesome and kick ass and empowering (feel free to send me yours ands I’ll add it)

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