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Weight Hacking is the new way to trick your scale, right? No?

Okay, so, what is Weight Hacking?

Weight Hacking is a how-to book for geeks who want to lose weight and get fit, written by a geek who’s successfully lost 65lbs.

Why am I writing about it?

Because Weight Hacking can’t get published without help. Plus it’s not written by some fancy weight loss guru with abs of steel*. It’s written by Craig Engler (said hacker) who, as the man behind the @SyFy twitter and social media division, is a geek and knows we face certain challenges others might not. (and not just from Sharktopus)

To use his words, since I think they’re kinda perfect:

What Makes Weight Hacking Unique?

Weight Hacking isn’t a new fad diet or some heretofore undiscovered but miraculous nutritional trick. It makes no new medical claims, and none of the science in it is in any way outlandish. In fact, all of the research referenced in Weight Hacking comes from impeccable sources like the Harvard School for Public Health and the Mayo Clinic.

Weight Hacking is simply an operating system for nerds that shows them easy ways to incorporate better eating and sound nutrition into a geeky lifestyle. It also explains how geeky passions like playing games, surfing the Web, reading, and a love of gadgets can be some of the best tools to lose weight and get fit.

Featuring Geeks You Know And Love

Weight Hacking is not only written for geeks by a geek, it will also include many geeks you know and love. It will feature the stories of well-known geeks who’ve lost weight, like beloved writer/screenwriter/comic writer Neil Gaiman and science fiction author and BoingBoing editor Cory Doctorow. And other geeks will show you how to eat better, like Bonnie Burton, who wrote the Star Wars Craft Book and who’ll be creating new geeky-but-healthy “food crafts” for Weight Hacking.

See what I mean? It sounds cool. Not just that, I want to get it published so I can read it because, heck, I could use a few tips myself. ;-)

Which is why I’m asking you to share the project and donate what you can to help make it happen over at their IndieGoGo campaign.

You’ll be helping out fellow geeks, you’ll get a fun perk and who knows…maybe one or two of us will be in the next edition after using the cool stuff we learned in the first one.

*to be fair, I don’t know if Craig has abs of steel. He might. But I’m not gonna ask.


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