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Have you heard of a V-Steam? Do you know they have parties? ::headdesk::

This is an actual ad I spotted on FB for a Groupon deal for something called a “V-Steam” at a spa in Metairie called Body In Motion.

The text reads:

Body In Motion – Metairie 

One, Two, or Three V-Steams or a V-Steam Party for Six at Body in Motion (Up to 53% Off)  

In a Nutshell

V-steams work as internal cleansers of the vaginal tissues’ and uterus’s membranes; party gathers girlfriends to rejuvenate their bodies

So not only is there now a thing where you steam your vagina and uterus, but they invite you to do it with friends?

Oh yeah, this can’t go wrong at allllllll. I mean, besides the inherent bullshit involved in whoever thought there was a need for it, that is not a place anyone needs to shoot steam. Ouch.

I’ve heard of blowing steam up someone’s ass, but this is ridiculous.

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