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Why I love Supernatural.

I have no idea why I need to write this, save that some part of me feels the need to explain.

Maybe it’s because I feel like people don’t get it. Or maybe it’s because I feel like I should have to explain why my 40-something self is all wrapped up in the lives and (gotta say it) deaths of the Winchester Family.

A little background, because it adds to the narrative.

Back in 2005, my life was very different. I was working in the entertainment industry as an assistant to my aunt who was a personal manager at the time. I was also teaching acting classes. So my life was pretty much all industry and all actors night and day.

One of her clients, James Snyder, is also a friend and he got an audition for this new pilot on the CW called Supernatural. He asked me if I would help coach him, so he came over and I sat down and read over the sides (aka the audition pages) so I could go over them with him.

There I was reading lines like “Dean. When I told him I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45!” and quietly grumbling to myself about how the CW was going to do a show like this and that it sounded like Charmed with boys but, at the same time, some small part of me thought it might be neat to see something like this on TV.

However, James didn’t get the part. I pretty much shrugged it off and when the show aired, all I saw were teen hearthrobby promos with two hot guys and I sniffed in a knowing way about how the CW was just going to ruin things I liked AGAIN.

Flash forward about 5 years.

The GeekBoy watches Supernatural. Has for years. Religiously. Me? I don’t get it, but hey, I’m a supportive girl and it’s not like we don’t all have our guilty pleasures, right?

Then one night I hear “Carry On My Wayward Son” really loud coming from the bedroom. I’m in the living room, I figure the boy’s rocking out, I shrug a bit and keep on keepin’ on.

Then I hear it again.

Then again.

On the fourth time through, I finally get up and I go see what the heck he’s up to. I mean, sure, good song, but why are you playing it over and over on a week night and only a certain section? I’m thinking he’s got some bizarre GarageBand loop going or something.

Nope. That wasn’t it.

It turns out that he’s been watching the “The Road So Far” montage on the Supernatural “Swan Song” episode. (S5 ep 22) over and over and, when I walked in, he was just laying there with all kinds of feels going on and his eyes shining and looking…rapturous, maybe? Excited, happy, sad, anticipatory, nervous. I don’t know. Whatever that look a kid gets when they’re ready to face the tallest, fastest rollercoaster in the world and they just can’t wait…that was the look.

And, y’know what? Right there in that moment, I realized I had to watch the show.

Because that look on the GeekBoy’s face wasn’t a look that comes from some “stupid CW show”. That look was the look of love. Of absolute frakkin’ surety. I knew that look. I knew how it felt and, damnit, if Supernatural made him do that, I was gonna watch it.

So, I started the marathon. I started right from the pilot and pretty much devoured every episode until I was caught up. I haven’t missed an episode since. I doubt I ever will.

And here’s why.

Because Supernatural isn’t about hot guys or CW marketing or sexy vampires or trite storylines. It’s not ‘tween fodder about two brothers who kill stuff and look good doing it. (okay, sure, some of those things happen but it’s not intentional)

Supernatural is about family. It’s about your blood family and the family you choose. It’s about kicking ass and taking names and getting your ass kicked by things that should never exist, but they do and, because they do, you gotta fight them.

You don’t want to. You have to. You do it because it’s what you do. It’s the Winchester Family Business. You may do it kicking and screaming. You may have days where even you cant believe what’s happening, but you fight and you keep going because that’s what you do. For each other.

And when I say it’s about family, it’s not just the fictional one. Over the years, the folks who make Supernatural have embraced the people who watch and love Supernatural and have made them as much of the experience as any thing else. Supernatural has dedicated episodes to the fans. They’ve made fun of themselves, they’ve pushed the boundaries whenever possible. They’ve even sent Sam and Dean to a Supernatural convention. (One of my fave episodes of all time).

When they cast and crew go to cons, they have fun. They interact and they genuinely seem to enjoy it. They know just who keeps them on the air year after year and, while I’m sure they’re amazed they got this far, they’re not about to take anything for granted.

I’ve seen acting on the show that is, without question, right up there with any Emmy winning actor. I’ve laughed hard enough to need my asthma inhaler. I’ve cried more times than I can count.

And, really, I love any show that goes delving into things like angels and comes back with an idea that “angels are dicks.”

It’s a lot of things. It’s so many things. And it makes me get all warm and fuzzy and gushy.

If you haven’t watched it. Take the time. Really.

Yeah, season one is kind of “meh” in places, but once the showrunners figured out that he had some room to play, man, does the show get good. And, once you get into season’s 4 and 5, the ride is balls to the wall amazing.

So, that’s it. That’s why I love Supernatural. I just wanted to share that. No real reason. Just…there ya go.

I want some pie.

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