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Larger breasted & bra challenged ladies: Now you can have “Boobs by Vasquez” at Jenette Bras ;-)

If you know me, you know I’m one of those gals who’s been graced with/tormented by a rather large set of boobs.

It really is a love hate things because, while I love posting good cleavage days (hey, when the girls look good, I say so) I also hate buying bras.

Like, gnarly levels of hate. I’ve been poked by underwires and sold stuff that doesn’t work even when they tell me it does and, as such I’m gun shy.

Friends of mine have been telling me I need to go to Jenette Bras and how awesome they are and how it’s saved them and I sort of went “I will, I know” while keeping my pain close and my bra anguish stoked.

But now I know that Jenette Bras is owned and run by Jenette Goldstein.

I can get a bra fitting from Vasquez?

Yeah. It’s a selling point. Even just so I can say “Boobs by Vasquez” in my head.

So, if you’re like me and you need bras but hate buying them, I’m dropping the suggestion here. I mean, if we have to go, we might as well have fun, right?

p.s. I’m sorry it took me this long, Theresa. When are we going?

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  1. I’m totally one of those people who’s been told about it forever, but has waited to go there. I think I might need to start 2014 off with a new, better-fitting bra! :)

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