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Barbie In Leather, With Ken!

I don’t know what it is with Mattel these days, but they seem to have a direct line to the wishlist in my head for awesome-sauce.

Now, you know I had a blast with the Sugar Daddy Ken.

Well, it’s somehow gotten more awesome!

Entertainment Earth just listed the Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset!

Barbie Harley Davidson Barbie and Ken Dolls Giftset

Go on, click the picture for the detail. 

  • Barbie and Ken have tattoos! 
  • Ken’s rockin’ the patented Pattinson Twilight hair style (yes, I know, it’s supposed to be that “motorcycle windblown” look).
  • Barbie’s biker babe chic and I think this Ken looks pretty dang sexy!
  • Is that a wallet chain on Ken?

C’mon, between the leather, the logos and the motorcycle boots…tell me it’s not pretty epic. ;-)

Nice job, Mattel!

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  1. Are you sure that’s Ken? I thought the two of them were no longer an item, and they intro’d another guy into the Barbie mix….

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