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The Man They Call…..Jayne! Blue Sun Ads For Jaynestown.

This makes my Browncoat heart dance with glee! There’s a Canton Poster. Look! Look at what it says!

Behold – The Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (Series 2).

You’re going to want to click to get a better view of these. Trust me. ;-)

They’re set for January and I’m definitely going to suggest you pre-order if you want them. That way you’re in the first shipments going out to retailers and you’re not left waiting as your friends are running off to the framers without you.

p.s. If you missed the first round, I’m putting handy links in to the Serenity Blue Sun Travel 5-Pack Posters (series 1) and the Serenity Blue Sun Travel Wavecards (love!).

Keep Flyin!

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