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You Can Buy Time With Han Solo In The Shower?

I’m female, I’m a geek. There are two things I can’t deny:

1) It literally pains me to watch the Han in Carbonite scene in ESB.

2) I’ve been dreaming about taking a shower with Han Solo for most of my life.

Enter the perfect solution. Soap in Carbonite from Luxury Lane Soap.

Now I can have my cake (er, soap) and eat (er, wash with it) too?

And, if you had any doubts as to the geek nature of the soap or the maker, read the item description.

“For a limited time I am offering a version of this soap with an Aurek-Besh label.”

It’s enough to set my Star Wars loving heart into hyperdrive and it’s not even the only Star Wars themed soap she makes!

However, as any good geek girl knows, there’s more to life than Star Wars. Hence, Zombies, LEGO, Fight Club, Hello Kitty & even Unicorns have been soapified (is that a word?) for your enjoyment. ;-)

This makes me very, very happy.

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  1. I love you. ♥ Thanks for the mega generous words. ♥

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