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Help me out with some market research? ;-)

Sometimes, when you need help and information, the best thing to do is just say so.

Part of my job at Entertainment Earth, includes doing what I can to gather information from people who buy toys and collectibles online.

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you a) have a computer & b) know a bit about toys and collectibles.

::grin:: Think I could take a couple minutes of your time for a quick survey?

I tried to embed this sucker, but the blog hates me today — so here’s a link.

Thanks so much and, if nothing else, feel free to drop any notes or feedback in the comments. It really does help and my bosses do like to hear from you ;-)

UPDATE: Today is EE’s 14th Anniversary and we launched a sale right after I posted this.

To celebrate, we’re offering 14 great items for just $14 each. Check out our selection of great sale items from The Big Lebowski, Twilight, Star Wars, and more today.

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