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Yes, I hate the new Wonder Woman costume. Wanna know why?

When I read Topless Robot this morning, I realized he said what I was thinking almost verbatim.

Still, allow me to list why I hate it.

1) Those aren’t pants. They’re leggings. (Say pants if you want. If they’re pants, they’re pegged. But when your pant legs disappear into your shoes, they’re LEGGINGS)

2) That jacket… Has Wonder Woman raided a Capezio or something? It’s a shrug. Leather jackets are cool. If they’re not a pleather shug knockoff of a “Members Only” jacket.

3) No boots? You put her in flats? Am I the only one waiting for that epic panel in which her gold plated slipper goes boomerang-ing off and hits someone in the face?

(For the record, I like the gaunlets and the bustier. See? I’m not a total hater)

I’ve had guys ask me why I hate this, since there’s been talk in the past about WW’s outfit and that women have asked how she could fight in it and that it was too skimpy or that this is much less slutty.

My first thought?

There was an warrior princess not too long ago and she managed to kick ass in what she wore and not look like a slut.

But seriously, is it that hard to take a few touches from actual dark urban fantasy?

(Look…pants… flippy floppy gold flats)

JMS said, “It’s a look designed to be taken seriously, as a warrior”

From a totally female perspective, if WW walked around in an urban area in what you have her in now, of COURSE she’d be in fights. Because people would be jumping her for looking like a poser.

Do. No. Like.

If you really want to get modern with this storyline, then you may want an arc in which one of Diana’s friends makes a call to the Style network to get her on “What Not To Wear”. Because that’s what any modern woman who considers her a friend would do.


  1. I hated it at first, but I actually liked it in the comic. It looks a bit different and more interesting in the comic and doesn’t seem to translate well in that shot that’s been going around online. I also hope they bring back the old costume or something similar, but I have to admit I liked the new issue. It’s exciting to see her go in a new direction while still hinting at her origin story. I think it’ll be reconciled.

  2. I have to say I’m not a fan either. I heard some radio personalities trying to describe her new outfit to people who had not seen it yet, and all they ended up doing was making her outfit sound like it came from the 80’s. And she does look like she came from the 80’s. Leather studded jacket and leggings. Yea, gives me bad images of Geena Davis. They need to seriously think about revising this design because this doesn’t scream strong, kick butt superhero to me!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    she is SOOOO not Wonder Woman and that outfit SOOOO sucks !!!

  4. I hate this costume for A LOT of reasons.

    First and foremost, it’s even more fetishistic than her previous outfit was.

    Take a good look at her footwear. Those aren’t gold-plated slippers, they’re STIRRUPS!

    Secondly, and I am quoting JMS himself:

    “Rather than have the W symbol all over the place on her wardrobe, I wanted to highlight it in one area and make that our statement, letting everything else feel more youthful and street-wise. The exception would be the bracelets, which would be solid on the outer side, with a stylized, almost handwritten W symbol there so that when she crosses her arms you get the full effect. And if she hits you with it, it leaves a W mark. She signs her work.”

    OK – so in addition to “lasso of truth” we now have “bracers of hurt.” And the choker – well, the word pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

    The biggest travesty of all is what they’re doing to her back story, though. Wonder Woman is a feminist icon; the female yang counterpart to the yin of “man’s world.” Or, at least, she was.

    Now she’s just a pissed-off chick in a tight outfit with fetish gear and lesbian tendencies (she *is* an Amazon after all).

    No thank you; I get all the lesbian hero I can handle from “Batwoman,” thank you very much.

    Seriously – I dig her. There’s nothing wrong with any of this; it just *isn’t* Wonder Woman!

  5. Relax… This is probably just her night out on the town get up. If you don’t like it, you could always start working on a Wonder Woman flick yourself!

  6. They’ll change it back to the tradtional costume anyway…they always do.

    And you already know from Twitter that I aint a fan of this new costume anyhow.

  7. When a comic company changes a classic costume on one of their more visible characters, they deliberately make part or all of the new costume bad so the fans don’t get permanently attached to the new one and they’ll be happy when the character goes back to their original costume. Plus, the company has to be able to go back to the classic costume at a moments notice for marketing and licensing purposes. Like it or not, Wonder Woman’s star underwear is what the non-comic reading mainstream recognizes and if they ever make the movie, that’s what she’s going to be wearing.

  8. Well said and amen – she looks like a high-school teen. She’s lost her authority, her presence, her gravitas – and apparently now has shoulder pads (?!) rather than cleavage.

    Wonder woman is a WOMAN, curves and all. Not a little girl!

  9. I hate to be a dissenter, but the jacket and the leggings are growing on me a bit – it actually looks like the jacket has some sort of plate pauldron thing going on at the shoulders, and the leggings look more like the padded armor leggings from Champions Online. If that’s the case, then those aren’t flippy floppy flats she’s wearing – those are just decorative bands of metal around her ankles.

    I still don’t like it as a costume for Wonder Woman, though :( It’s not iconic enough. With a glowy star-filled black bustier and silver metal and trim, I could see Donna Troy sporting this outfit.

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I agree with you on all counts.

  11. Those are the items I dislike too. I wish the jacket were more there…leather would work. Leggings are a godawful part of 2009/2010 which I hope we’ll get over quickly.

    I’m a bit more into flats (and glad they’re not heels or something dumb) but boots would be more sensible.

    Bustier/gauntlets are very nice.

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