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Is Stephanie Meyer the V.C. Andrews of this generation?

Maybe I’m setting myself up for a flaming, but I don’t care.

Stephanie Meyer is the V.C. Andrews of this generation.

I mean, think about it. If you read V.C. Andrews, ask yourself this…How long did it take YOU to realize all of V.C.’s books were the same but you just kept going because they were lush and drama ridden, full of unattainable loves and sexually charged in that very oddly taboo way?

And isn’t Twilight the same thing?

I dare you to prove me wrong ;-)

Heh, found this when I started looking for images.


  1. Siri Siri

    no way.. sorry but you can’t compare these two. Virginia’s stories are so much more believable and compelling. Don’t get me wrong the Twilight series is good but just no way near as good as anything Virginia Andrews wrote.

  2. It amazes me how the teeming millions will latch on to something so bland and dumbed down but will stay away in droves for something original and thought provoking. The movie Moon starring sam rockwell is an excellent example of ignored excellence.

  3. I hated the VC Andrews books back then too.

  4. Holy sh*t. Nail on head. I couldn’t figure out why twilight was so popular. UNTIL NOW.

  5. I freaking loved Flowers in the Attic. And, I feel a lot like Amanda when it comes to Twilight. :D

  6. Oh man, this is absolutely true!

    I re-read the Flowers in the Attic series a few months ago, just to see why I liked them when I was younger. It’s the same feeling I get while reading Twilight. You hit it exactly on the head. The oddly taboo love and all the drama keep me coming back for these guilty pleasures.

  7. I LOVED those VC Andrews covers. After I realized that the stories were the same, almost down to the sentence-level (with new names/nouns substituted as needed), it was all about staring at those peek-a-boo covers and imagining a better plot.

    Haven’t read Twilight, but I’ll bet you’ve got the makings of a fun and potentially thought-provoking comparative analysis here.

  8. Dan Dan

    Oh my god… That’s it!

    I’ve wracking my brain for months trying to find an author to compare Meyer to and just couldn’t come up with one. V.C. Andrews is perfect.

    I wonder how many Twi-haters were/are die-hard Flower-heads…

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