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Warcraft Widow Deletes Boyfriend’s Toons – I Nerdrage.

I know this video has been making the rounds today and I know reactions have ranged from laughter to groans of understanding.

But, y’know what? I’m at the :59 second mark and I’m already sick to my stomach.

I’m gonna watch it, and then, I’m gonna write a bit  more. Meet me after the vid.

Okay, couple thoughts.

1) She doesn’t just delete his characters. She knows enough to go in and delete actual items. That need “DELETE” confirmation. Which means, she understands enough about the game to know what those items mean.

2) Geeks of Doom’s Tom says “While I’m sure there are plenty Geek-girls of Doom out there who’ll squeal with amusement (having possibly lost quality time with their own boyfriends due to the WarCrack addition), this was a pretty harsh move.”

Y’know what? There’s a Geek-girl of Doom over here who’s more than a bit pissed that this chick thought this was even remotely cool to do.

Fact is, this girl had other options. She could have taken all the gumption and sass she voices during this video and actually talked to her boyfriend. Or she could have broken up with him. Or she could have, if she really wants to be dramatic, staged an “intervention”.

But, no. She pulls a passive aggressive (not to mention mean and costly) stunt that wipes out a lot of time and effort on her bf’s part and then makes herself the injured party.

Maybe his reaction is extreme.

But I think hers is pathetic.


  1. Henrique Henrique

    Well, that’s pretty sadic of her. I had a girlfriend that died last year in a car accident. She would never done that to me. In fact she even offered me the WoTLK Expansion when it came out. That’s why I still play WoW. Because she offered me that as a gift and also it helped me pass the bad times I had.

  2. Looks a little staged. But I’ve seen guys rage like that. She seemed to know to much about the game though. Hmmmm.

  3. I’ve had problems with WoW addiction myself. Nothing too bad, but it definitely was consuming too much time. My wife plays too, but she intervened by setting up Parental Control. Seemed childish at first, but I must admit that it works really well for me.

    Now, the Parental Controls are off and we only play together, so we’ll have enough time to spend together in whatever world we want to. We log in, raid together, log out, watch a movie together :-)

  4. Yeah, if this is real, it’s clearly a case of both of these people being with the wrong person. My boyfriend is a serious soccer fan. If the (Glasgow) Rangers or the Scotland national team are playing, I know that my choices are to watch with him (in which case, he appreciates my interest and will help me out with following it) or leave him be and go do my own thing. That’s kinda how it’s supposed to work, yeah? I knew this about him when we got together, and he knows that it’s not my obsession. If it ever gets to the point where I feel like a soccer widow, I’ll talk to him about it – not donate his t-shirts and jerseys to charity and whatever else would be the equivalent.

    Anyway, the point that’s in there somewhere is: know the person you’re with and decide to be with them for who they are. Don’t date a guy who’s obsessed with WoW if you can’t cope with it like an adult. You don’t want to be with that guy, and he doesn’t want to be with you. Not really.

  5. The thing that gets me about this (if it is, in fact, real…and even if it isn’t, people still do this kind of thing) is that it’s not going to fix their relationship. It’s a hell of a way to burn a bridge, kind of like burning an ex’s stuff but it won’t make him a different person than he already was.

    So break up and move on to someone who has the same interests, learn to play with him, or make good use of your free time. I’m a dissertation widow, so I started a web consulting business, I’ve had several blogs, I craft, and I’ve generally done quite well and happily. I also make sure to tell him when I do need some attention and he’s the kind of guy who is willing to break things off for a snuggle or walk.

  6. Honestly, I think Home Slice overreacted. He probably didn’t know, but Blizzard, IIRC, will reinstate your account with but an email. So, his reaction, to me, was a bit freaking scary.
    However, that doesn’t excuse her. AT. ALL.
    She obviously knew what she was doing. No WoW widow knows that much about their dearly beloved’s account. This was something darker, more sinister, and I dunnae like it one bit.
    If I were him, I wouldn’t have hit the monitor. I’d have set her rig on fire.

  7. well, Blizzard replaces everything except monitors!

  8. I think it’s staged too.

    And he shouldn’t have freaked out like that! Blizz replaces everything now. He could’ve had his characters back in an hour :P what a noob!

  9. Wow.. whatever happened to being an adult and discussing problems with one’s boyfriend or girlfriend, and then acting accordingly- either resolving the problem or ending the relationship? What she did is so juvenile, petty and pointless.

    I can’t help but wonder, though, why she sat there and deleted different pieces of armor before she just went ahead and deleted the toon..

  10. I never played StarCraft, but I watched my brothers playing it enough to teach my little brother’s friend how to play when he was visiting (my brother left the room, and then his friend got confused, and I knew enough to say “you have to mine more vespene gas–see, take this guy, click here, and put it there” or whatever answered his questions). So I can believe that she might know how to do those things in WoW without having played herself.

    The only scenario I can picture where her actions would seem the least bit reasonable is if she was really mad at him (like, if he’d cheated on her or something) and this was her angry payback just before dumping him. Kind of the gamer equivalent to digging your key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive (and slashing the leather seats and tires and breaking the headlights, etc.). Both are devastating payback moves that, as bad as they are, probably feel really good for the person doing it. Though deleting a character doesn’t make a very good song. (Or does it? Challenge: Make a gamer spoof of “Before He Cheats”!)

    That said, my heart rate totally sped up as the guy sat down at the computer, and waiting for him to realize what happened was really stressful. Ouch. I can imagine what it would be like… If his only crime was ignoring his girlfriend for his game, then it was a terrible overreaction, and I agree with you. Since she didn’t say anything more in the video, that may be the case, and she’s awful. But if there was some other stuff going on that she wanted to punish him for before breaking up, then maybe I can at least understand her move.

  11. Oddly enough, one of the first things that popped into my head was: is this less a case of WoW-widowing and more a case of rivalry? It would still be extreme, stupid, and he still acted like an idiot. (Frustration, rage, *wanting* to break things, I get. Breaking GEAR – No.) It’s a little stagy, too, but…
    There is NO excuse for doing that, if it’s real. As you said: Talk, intervene, break up with the guy/girl, but you don’t screw with something they’ve obviously invested a lot of time and money into. My analogy would be someone taking my entire Book/CD/DVD/Media collection and tossing/wiping them. I’d go ballistic for sure. It’s this kind of crap that makes girls look like petty wankers, and I object to that, too.

  12. My first thought is that this is staged. She clearly knows what she’s doing and is able to do it quickly. If it were me, even living and having a mild interest in my former roommate’s WoW-playing, where she’d show me how to do things, I’d be clicking around and pressing keys for ages.

    …not that I’d actually DO something like that.

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