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SWTOR News and hotness, including a new Redhead. Rawr!

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming and there seems to be all sorts of cool stuff in the works with E3 just around the corner.

News from the site SWTOR promises new worldwide reveals at E3 and, today, we got a look at the following awesomeness from Star Wars Shop.

This is the Star Wars: The Old Republic Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Maquette by Gentle Giant Ltd.

I NEED this. Seriously.

You can find her, along with some very cool SWTOR goodies over at Star Wars Shop. And I’m more than happy to let you buy me one for my b-day ;-)

And, did you know you can sign up to test the game? Yep. You can. I found a link to the details here.


  1. This is gorgeous! I’m so glad to see more female Star Wars figures.

  2. I signed, too, a few months ago. All signs point to this being the definitive Star Wars MMO, unlike the train wreck that Sony created.

  3. I signed up. I sooo want to be chosen for the game testing. Please please please pick me, SWTOR people!

    I’m definitely looking forward to what they reveal at E3.

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