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The Softer Side of the Armor..

So I know I spent a lot of today saying things like “Boobies!” and “Armored Hawtness” but, before people decide that I’m being horridly sexist or something, I figure it might be worth giving a little bit of insight into my sudden delight upon seeing these figures.

Growing up, most of the females I saw in SciFi were more sexy than functional. Uhura didn’t man the security station like Tasha Yar. She wore a short skirt and took calls. )well, she -did-) I remember thinking, even as a kid, that skirts that short would be really…annoying.

There was Tanya Roberts in Sheena & Beastmaster. Brigitte Neilsen in Red Sonja. Not like they were in those movies for dialogue, right? (To this day, I giggle every time I think “My the honor.”

Even Leia was more haughty than tough, y’know? She didn’t even know how to hold a blaster until Empire.

You know who I wanted to be?

Col. Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers. I watched Erin Gray and thought “Hey, she’s a pilot. Cool!”. And, while I had a huge crush on Marc Singer, Faye Grant was the reason I watched V.

So, the concept of a female stormtrooper. A woman in the same armor as the men around her, with a blaster and her hair back just made me happy.

Because that’s what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a fighter. A soldier. With a cool looking weapon and a bad ass attitude.

So, maybe I’ve been saying “Boobies” all day. But, trust me when I say that I’m more than thrilled not to see -any- cleavage on this babe.

EE Exclusive Star Wars Joker Squad Action Figures

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