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The QMx Trekkies Q-Pop Figures have maxxed out my adorbz meter.

I wish I could explain to you how hard it was for me to keep the secret once I saw the adorbz that were the QMx Trekkies™in development. It was hard for me. I squeed the very first time I saw Uhura and I might have jumped up and down.

Of course, I couldn’t say anything because I worked for QMx and super secret cute was super secret, but I know there would come a time that I could squee publicly and the time is NAO!

I mean, come on. They…they’re….::dead of cute::
There’s lost more info over on the QMx page and you can read it there. In fact, I highly suggest it because all I can really manage is much flailing and OMG they’re only 20 bucks a pop! (Or Q-Pop™as it were.)

Preordering starts in Q2 2013. There’s a waiting list on each figure that you can also sign up for. Right after me!

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