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The CIC Project Letter Writing Campaign for BSG: Blood & Chrome made it frakkin’ easy by including a letter for you.

If you’re a BSG fan, then you likely know about the Wondercon “screening” of the Blood and Chrome trailer, the fan joy and then consequent fan tears when SyFy announced they weren’t planning to pick the pilot up as an actual series. At best, it might be a web series and we’re waiting for an air date of the already complete pilot.

To that end, the CIC Project got industrious and started a letter writing campaign.

Blood and Chrome: A Letter to SyFy.

As most of you know, SyFy is still on the fence about airing Blood and Chrome, whether it be on the web, over the air, or just releasing it on DVD/Blu-Ray. We need to let them know we want it aired and not relegated to oblivion. We need to show them there is a fan base out there across America and around the world that will not only watch, but will follow this show.

To that effect I have made up a letter, in the style of BSG, for us to print out, sign, clip corners, and send to SyFy/NBC/Universal. After signing, be sure to print your name and city/state. There are thousands of us out there, and countless more who will watch, but who don’t know what they would be missing if this doesn’t air. We need to be their voice too.

The address to send it is at the top of the letter. If you feel you have any other comments, include them. But please, be nice. Be respectful. But most of all, let then know we care.

So Say We All.
This is the link to the letter. I’ve already printed mine out. I’m including an image for you below as well.

As I like to say “Geek Squad. Activate.”


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