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Tag A Diva, Win A Prize!

When I posted my GeekGirlDiva tagline “contest”, it really started as a giggle. But, once the entries started coming in on Twitter, I decided to make it official and post it on the blog along with a prize. I even enlisted an outside source for the judging to it would be official and stuff!

So…::drumroll please:: we have a winner!

@kristenmchugh22 won herself a $25.00 Entertainment Earth Gift Certificate with this entry:

“GeekGirlDiva: Because life’s more fun *her* way.”

Honorable mentions went to:

@Cynraven “GeekGirlDiva: Geek Done Write!!**”
@CleverUserName “GeekGirlDiva: This is my tagline”
@jeditigger “The absinthe of women: turns your worm to wood and lets you see things you never knew existed.”
@greymous “Ingredients: Whatever I want them to be. Deal with it!”

I have to say, you guys made this a lot more fun than I ever thought it was going to be and thanks so much for having an awesome sense of humor.

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  1. See, I was right. Life *is* more fun, *your* way. ;D (TOYS! *squee*)

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