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Contest: I’m Not a Narcissist, You People Are Just Brilliant!

I mused on Twitter earlier that: “I think I should come with a tagline. I just don’t know what it should be.” and, next thing I knew the replies started coming in. ::grin::

Here’s what I discovered. You people are way more clever than I could ever hope to be. And, while I was kidding, I think we should have a little fun.

So, what would the GeekGirlDiva tagline be?

I have a $25.00 gift certificate for Entertainment Earth.

My favorite tagline wins. ;-)


  1. * When a girl has just too much geek for a single body to contain, she is a Geek Girl Diva!
    * Toys make the geek girl.
    * There is only one Diva, but the geek girls are legion.
    * The reality is the diva. The diva is reality.
    * The girls (dis)play on Wednesday.
    * Sarcasm is my regular frame of mind. Snarking comes naturally.
    * Warning: Snark season.
    * I write therefore I squee.

  2. GeekGirlDiva: Now with 100% more snark!

  3. – Warning: Contents under extreme pressure

    – So this is what’s at the end of the yellow brick road

    – Be careful what you wish for… I might just program it

    – Ingredients: Whatever I want them to be. Deal with it!

    – The forecast calls for geeky ramblings with periods of biting sarcasm

  4. Tagline: 100% Geek, 100% Girl, 1000% Diva

  5. Geo Geo

    GeekGirlDiva: Raids in heels.

  6. GeekGirlDiva: Because life’s more fun *her* way.

  7. GeekGirlDiva: Queen of the Geeks
    GeekGirlDiva: Now with even MORE Geek!
    GeekGirlDiva: Great Geek Taste, More Geek Flavor
    GeekGirlDiva: Geek Done Write!!**

  8. GeekGirlDiva: Encyclopedia- both 12 letters. Coincidence?

  9. Renee Renee

    Now with even more squee!

  10. GeekGirlDiva: Gonna make you squee like a geek!
    GeekGirlDiva: “Sexy geek” is not an oxymoron.
    GeekGirlDiva: This is my tagline.
    GeekGirlDiva: I’m up here, Frodo.
    GeekGirlDiva: +1 to geekery
    and lastly,
    GeekGirlDiva: Did Felicia Day sign *your* cleavage? I didn’t think so.

  11. A diaper full o’squee every time I tweet.

  12. Renee Renee

    Now with even more squee

  13. I do like my original thought: Fizzy, refreshing, with a darkly sardonic finish. If I come up with something else I’ll let ya know. ;*

  14. The absinthe of women: turns your worm to wood and lets you see things you never knew existed.

  15. Caution: Geekgirldiva more sarcastic than she appears. @Hizzungfarlow

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