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Sam Raimi – I’ll See You In HELL!

Having just watched the trailer to “Drag Me To Hell” (with the sound off because my speakers aren’t hooked up), I think I hate Sam Raimi.

See, I’m not big on horror films.

I’ve never seen anything more than the first 5 minutes of Halloween (just the music freaks me out), I’ve seen a few minutes of the first Friday the 13th.

Okay okay, I’ve seen Nightmare of Elm Street, but I spent a lot of that time peeking between my fingers and asking the person I was watching it with to “Tell me when I can look”.

The one horror movie I’ve seen all the way through? The Exorcist. When I was 14. Which may explain why I can’t watch the others.

Yes, I’ve watched a few over the years, but they’re generally more suspense than horror and I still tend to do a LOT of hiding my eyes.

Maybe the one exception to my horror movie watching is Army of Darkness and, let’s be fair, that’s more spoof than horror. There’s a movie I can watch over and over most contentedly.

So, it’s very likely that I’m going to have to see this movie just because Sam Raimi directed it even if I’m likely to spend half the movie with my hoodie up over my head and down over my eyes as I sit with my knees up and clutching the arm or whatever poor soul has to sit next to me.

Feel free to mock me. I deserve it.


  1. Mock you? I’m with you. I was tramatized by the Exorcist as a child. Most horror movies are sort of rediculous to me. I see no point. Except perhaps the old classics. Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. Suspense is another story. I love a good suspenseful tale in book or movie form. Of course, I do want to be a suspense novelist when I grow up. :-)

    Twitter: onejan84

  2. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this till now. I must be slipping.

    But if you want to see the worst horror movie, I have a few candidates, none of which are directed by Ed Wood.

  3. Dan Dan

    It’s funny that you’re a Raimi fan, since he’s kind of made his name as a horror director.

    You’re a complicated gal, you know that?

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