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PIC: Help Me Identify this before I go insane?

Okay, I’ll play…

What the HECK is this a picture of? I mean, Facebook says I can get free samples of it, but I’m afraid to click…(I’ll admit, my brain keeps going to sex toys. >.< )
Seriously. Anyone?
“Fill out your zip”? They’ll go fast?



  1. I second Arabella, they are thermal coffee cups. That color of pink reminds me of the ones they were selling for Breast Cancer awareness.

    But I’m a bad consumer, so I say don’t click the link. The cake is a lie… er… free samples…

  2. Pretty sure it’s a water vessel of some sort. Or, a mini-vibe.
    Either way… Don’t click.

  3. Not gonna lie… it looks kind of like a pocket vibrator.

  4. I was going to guess they were canopic jars, but thermal cups sounds more likely.

  5. they are spill proof thermal drink cups.

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