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One For The Money, Two For The NO!

Variety is reporting that Katherine Heigl is attached to star in “One for the Money” for Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment.

Allow me to say it for you:

“Has it ever occurred to you that you might be delusional?”
— Janet Evanovich (Fearless Fourteen)

Katherine Heigl? Stephanie Plum could take Heigl out with one well tossed donut!

I’m sorry, but what part of Katherine Heigl’s blond, thin, patrician profile screams Jersey Girl with a pastry fetish and a knack for blowing up cars?

Sandra Bullock. Yes. Marisa Tomei. Sure. Heck, toss any number of women in a pair of too tight 501’s and a frizzy wig and I might even buy it.

But Katherine Heigl, while she may have some box office cred, doesn’t have the sexual (albeit accidental) heat to warm a sex starved college kid, let alone a stud like Joe Morelli or a cool guy like Ranger.

Do. Not. Want!


  1. I do not know these books, but based on the character description, I will have mad respect for Heigl if she pulls it off. You know who I think would’ve fit – Nia Vardalos. Except everyone thinks she’s comedy. Minnie Driver or even Toni Collette, Robin Sweigert… Why can I think of these people and casting directors don’t?

  2. wow this is so wrong. At the same time glad something is being said about the Plum movie!

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