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Geek Babes Break Down The Boobies

A collaborative post by @geekgirldiva and @geekgirls

It has come to our attention that boobs, regardless of size and shape, do sometimes tend to get in the way of our geekiness. So, we decided to weigh the pros and cons.

For example:

storm trooper lady· Boobs, despite popular belief, are not good typists. In fact, there are nearly as inaccurate as predictive text.
· After walking around a convention all day, my shoulders are in severe pain. And that’s without any of the swag bags!
· Boobs are the reason for Hottie Hans’ face looking all distorted in my favorite Star Wars tee.
· Boobs make people think that I couldn’t possibly know the difference between a browser and a search engine, or the importance of up up down down left right left right select start.
· I have to hold them when running away from zombies, which not only makes me look funny, it prevents me from holding onto additional weaponry.
· When enjoying a walk listening to my favorite tunes, boobs continuously pull my earbuds out.
· People like to toss dice in my direction during a roll and ask for extra points if they get them in my cleavage.

For the pros, head over to the Geek Girls Network to read more ;-)

And yes gentleman, we know if you had them YOU would play with them all the time. So, tell ya what, get your OWN and stop trying to grab ours without asking ;P storm trooper lady


  1. renduh… if you do.. better send a link because I’m totally going to buy one, sports bras currently suck as far as I’m concerned.

    As for the fact that people think you wouldn’t know the difference between a browser and search engine.. It’s not your boobs it’s the fact they’re too stupid to realize that Geek Women are AWESOME. I don’t know.. don’t get me wrong my boobs can have their moments of annoying, but I’ve always been happy to have boobs. My Aunt is like an A cup.. and she was also so sad about it, and my mom had like DD and she was upset they were too big. I’m happy I have C Cup, all the more to fill up my Ren Faire Corset with!

    However, I did enjoy the pros v.s. cons it was great!

  2. I disagree just because of your boob size does not make you dumber. Kind of makes us guys mezmerized when we are infront causing us to be. Yes boobs are awesome but soem of us thinks the real bonus is that the girl is a geek in general and that is enough. Don’t take your fun bags for granted you ladies have a lot of power and don’t even know it lol. Either way Zombie rising happens I will be there with the Humvee and massive guns bring it!

  3. I would buy a zomBRA!!!

  4. I’m going to design a line of geeky sports bras.

    zomBRA – Giving you support as you battle the undead.

    I can’t wait for the TV ad.

  5. A.Men.

    Especially on the earbud issue, which plagues me alllll the time. Also, it’s hard to get a good bra fitted and then when you go in for a good bra fitting after having a bad one, the fitter will look at you and say “You like to show ’em off, huh?” and you will say “NO IT’S WHAT I COULD GET.”

  6. And actually, I’ll go on to mention that the straps should never be supporting your chest. That’s what the band is for. The shoulder straps only help to shape your boobs, but the band is what carries the brunt of the work.

  7. I’m 5′ 2″ and wear a 36G. I know all about being short with big boobs. ^.^ But my shoulders never hurt – not since I got fitted professionally last summer. I never thought underwire could be -comfortable-.

  8. Actually, even if you’re wearing the right size bra, Tchann, you carry a minimum of 4-10 pounds on your chest and your shoulders are supporting that weight, a bra can only do so much. (That’s the B-DD equivalency, btw.) Wearing a phone headset at work is fun, too. A good minimizing sports bra would help in the zombie apocalypse, I think. I’d add that I once spent a weekend in NYC with my cell, hotel key, money, lipgloss and id in my bra. Underwire pockets, gotta love em. One thing not mentioned: Amusement parks. If you’re short with big boobs, trust me, you’ll get squished by a safety bar at some point. If you’re tall, the overhead ones, or straps will crush you. I love my boobs, but sometimes they’re annoying.

  9. If your shoulders hurt, then you’re wearing the wrong size bra. :)

  10. “When enjoying a walk listening to my favorite tunes, boobs continuously pull my earbuds out.”

  11. You forgot the A and B in the Konami Code. Geek fail.

  12. Are you saying that if we ask we can grab your boobs?

  13. In the case of the Zombie apocalypse, a good Sports Bra can do wonders in keeping them out of the way.

    As a DM I would rule that they would get a +2 if the girl in question does not object, -10 if they do.

  14. And this is why I’m glad I have small boobs. No back pain at conventions, easy running from zombies, and no earbud loss.

    I still can’t type with them though. My keys are too close together. XD

  15. On the plus side if you’re running from zombies you could put a derringer in your bra. This also works if you are a saloon gal in the 1870’s.

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