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New Twilight Barbies and Muse Make Me Happy.

Okay, okay, so I don’t post a lot of Twilight stuff. Still, these caught my eye. ;-)

Twilight Eclipse Alice Cullen Barbie Doll
While I know people have been holding out for the Tonner version, I think the Twilight Eclipse Alice Cullen Barbie Doll looks pretty great and the price is a bit more…accessible?

Twilight Eclipse Victoria Barbie DollBut I actually really dig the new Twilight Eclipse Victoria Barbie Doll (@cleolinda confirms it’s definitely looking like Bryce Dallas Howard) because of the BOOTS. Stompy boots on a Barbie doll. Click the pic and see. ::swoon::

Granted, I’ve been sort of enthralled with Barbie recently. And I’m DYING to see a picture of the new Barbie Ladies of the 80s Flashdance Jennifer Beals Doll. But I’ll be honest, I’m likely to buy it sight unseen. I had the cut sweatshirt. I did that look ;-)

So, yeah. Barbies ;-)

p.s. The new Muse song gets released May 17th. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) is going to be lead single released for the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack. That may have a little something to do with my increased interest ;-)

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  1. i have never read a twilight book or seen the movies, but i for sure will be getting the new soundtrack since muse will be on it. i love muse so much!

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