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Miley lap dances with 7 year olds? Is that next?

I’m having an odd crisis of conscience.

If you haven’t seen the Miley Cyrus video making the rounds thanks to TMZ, you may not know that people are outraged and making all sorts of comment about how wrong it is for little girls. TMZ brands it as a “lapdance” and everyone sort of followed suit.

Um…I can’t believe I’m about to defend Miley Cyrus.

1) That’s not a lap dance. I’ve had a lap dance. Not to mention, she’s dancing with a gay man who’s a dancer in his own right. I was 16 once and I used to go to parties and out dancing and I danced just like that. With straight boys, even.

2) It’s at a party. Where people should be allowed to have fun and cut loose and not have to worry about everything ending up on the web to be judged out of context.

3) Remember Dirty Dancing? Tell me, would you have had a problem with it if it were Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze?

4) I love how TMZ slows the tape down and hits a close up, as if to say, “See? see? Body parts! Touching!”

On the other hand, this totally freaks me out. (via EW Pop Watch)

This is a dance group of 7 year olds dancing to “Single Ladies”.

I don’t have an issue with the choreography. Heck, I posted a vid of a 7-year old doing an amazing booty shake not too long ago and I think these girls are really good.

But did we need to dress them this way? Blarrrrrgh.

So, I can accept a 16 year old doing a little dirty dancing fully clothed at a private party, but I have an issue with 7 year olds dancing in thigh high stockings and not much else.

Like I said, crisis of conscience.


  1. I wonder how many of the angry people have 16-year-olds or thereabouts and are terrified of the fact that their child is going to turn into an adult, sexual person. She was 16 (age of consent in many places), it wasn’t even in concert, and it’s not like it was public sex.

    The 7-year-olds weirds me out too. I danced from pre-school to high school, so I’m familiar with some of this stuff and I’ve seen plenty of little kids dance to plenty of things including sexy things. There are a ton of adorable ways to dress up a little kid for this song without making them look skanky. Even a costume that covered their tummy (midriff is to old a word for them) would have been an improvement.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better, the whole outcry is ridiculous.

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