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Monday Musing – BSG Callsigns and Dog Tags.

Okay, so. Now that I’m an official Quantum Mechanix employee, I’m thinking of getting myself a set of Battlestar Galactica Personalized Artisan Dog Tags for SDCC.

Here’s the problem. I can’t decide what to get. I could use my name, but if you’ve noticed, I don’t really use my name. ::grin:: I could use my Twitter handle, but that seems sort of…non BSG.

Or I could use a callsign.

The problem is, I don;t have a callsign and — as I understand it — callsigns are generally given to the pilot, not chosen.

Which means I need your help. ::grin::

I need a callsign.

Any suggestions? ;-) Help me out here.

And, while I’m on the subject. What’s your BSG callsign?



  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    yeah, i’ve gotta go with ‘Diva’ also. i mean, the name’s already there, right?

    as for me, i’d probably be ‘ogre’. i was given that nickname when i sorta broke a sponge while cleaning a bathroom. but, i mean, that’s happened to everybody, right?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    I agree with “Diva”. It is a call sign I could see an actual pilot using. It also ties in nicely with your blog, so is a win win.

  3. There’s a definite affinity for greek pantheonic names in BSG so why not go with Tyche (a goddess of luck … since you keep getting those awesome jobs & coming up roses!!)

    Me … I’d probably wind up with something like Bia since all I’d wanna do is frak some toasters!

  4. Mine’s “Squid,” because I make Cthulhus. Jess/Toasterlicious/Banshee came up with it. As for you…my first instinct is just “Diva.” It’s the kind of thing your fellow pilots might nickname you (or your instructor might nickname you), in a good way, during training. It’s at least what I’d call you if I were looking for a nickname. Hopefully you’ll get some other suggestions so you can choose.

    “GeekGirlDiva” is definitely too long/not BSG.

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