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Mika Brzezinski speaks her mind on Morning Joe and spawns a caveman response

This video of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough has been going around because Mika, pretty rightly, asked “Can we go back to news school for a second?” while the rest of the panel was theorizing about Malaysian Airways flight MH370.

But there’s something that bugs me a lot more about it and that’s the reaction she gets. Especially from Scarborough. It’s such a “hush now, get back in the kitchen” or a “the little woman had a bit too much to drink” way of treating her and I find it really…gross.

Even as a staunch liberal, I usually like Scarborough but I really wish Mika had called him out for this loutish behavior. Joe tweeted about this, saying he was kidding. But it didn’t feel like kidding.

We really should be over this sort of thing.

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