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Megan Fox Makes Me Nervous?

I’m going to preface this by saying this is likely to ramble and be a bit on the serious side, so forgive me if it takes me a while to get to the point or if I sound ranty.

I started thinking about SDCC and all the cool people going and the folks I’ll get to meet and I realized that, while I’m excited, I’m also really nervous.


I’m worried that the real life version of me won’t fit people’s vision of the online version and, more to the point, I’m nervous about being judged. I’m worried that all the geek boys out there who think I’m just adorable and hawt online are going to decide that the real of me is…totally not.

I’m asking myself why I worry. It’s not that I’m socially inept or anything. I’m pretty much the same personality online and off. I flirt, I play, I enjoy people and I’m pretty darn fun and interesting.

But this year, I’m tentative. I just hate the idea that I think this way or that it may have some validity.


Megan Fox.

Megan Fox, you ask? Yep. Megan Fox. See, I’m not Megan Fox. Not by a long shot. I’m a regular gal, plus sized and barely topping 5’4. I fall over in heels and, while I have a great cleavage (as some of you know ::grin::) the general male public wouldn’t pay loads of money to watch me in a movie even if it sucked.

It’s not that I’ve ever wanted for relationships. I’ve just been the girl who wooed the boys with my mind and personality instead of my looks. And, once they’re wooed, they stay wooed. ::grin:: Quite happily.

My point? What am I trying to say? I know, I’m skirting the issue. So, I’ll just say it and damn the torpedoes.

You’re a guy, you lust after Megan Fox. But what would you do with her if you had her? (Well, besides knocking boots?) Is it about status and having a hot babe on your arm? Do you think she’s be remotely interesting to talk to?

And if you meet a girl who’s not a hottie, but has a “great personality” (ooooh, the kiss of death), is intelligent, fun, geeky and smart — would you be disappointed that she’s not Megan Fox?

That’s what I’m worried about. I’m worried about being judged or mocked are teased.

And it bugs me that I’m worried.



  1. Fey Fey

    we all have our moments of weakness, which translates into temporary insanity…some days are better than others, but in the end, before you work yourself up into a panic, you have to remember one very important fact:

    Megan Fox is a robot – you can tell by her total lack of acting skills, robotic speech patterns, and the complete and utter absence of a soul in her eyes, and guys can see this.

    If you think of her more as one of those “plastic girlfriends” (you know, the big plastic dolls that look life-like?) you realize just how creepy she is and can have a nice laugh at her expense.

    Then you can smile, kick back, and remember how awesome you are. Guys might fantasize about her sure – but no one would actually go up and talk to her since she always looks like she’s about the tear the flesh upon any/every random, hapless passers-by.

    You have the full-on advantage here. From your blogs it is obvious that you are naturally charming, funny, flirty, witty, and full of fun ideas that easily spark up rounds of great conversation. That makes you the best looking girl in the room, no matter what.

    So you don’t look like a robot? I don’t think that anyone will ever be as beautiful or as sexy as we wish we could be, but my recommendation is that you take a good look at yourself, remember how much you rock, and be as beautiful and sexy as you actually are.

    I guarantee – it’s a gorgeous person, and that makes you the best looking girl in the room, no matter what! :D

  2. Megan Fox is hot, until she opens her mouth and starts talking.

  3. If someone’s disappointed because you’re not someone else, fuck ’em.

    You’re cool, period.

  4. GGD, you’re full of win. I do understand the fact that being concerned about it would bother you more than actually being concerned about the entire thing, but hey, you’re only human.

    My opinion, the pervasiveness of media in our lives pushes the stereotypes of what the majority feel is attractive into our faces, constantly, can’t avoid it unless you live in a cave like me :P. These attractive pseudo-archetypes are the odd ones out, honestly, think on it, they’re screwed from day one. They must compete with themselves, and like someone else here said, their self-promotion leans so far to arrogance so quickly they’re one bottle away from the Betty Ford Clinic.

  5. She has such a pompous arrogance about herself that it really disturbs me. That is not attractive in any woman, ever.

    And you’ll be fine at Comic-Con, no problem. Your personality and awesomeness get the win from me and a bunch of others, hands down. If they don’t, they don’t. Different strokes for different folks.

  6. Remember, beauty is only skin deep.

    Underneath that, it’s only muscle deep.

    And under that, it’s a skeleton with a beautiful and permanent smile.

    ~ Grim D.

  7. As a guy who doesn’t find Megan Fox attractive, I have to say that “You’re a guy, you lust after Megan Fox” is a little wrong. ;)

    She’s too made up, and the interviews I’ve seen of her are annoying at best.

    As cliche as it is to say, if I can’t talk to a girl, then I don’t really care. I’ve dated girls for every reason under the sun, but in the end, the one I am spending my life with is someone who has a higher GPA than I do, graduated valedictorian of every class she’s been in (including graduate school), and who makes me laugh because we’re friends. And she’s exceptionally pretty.

    Sure, Megan Fox and her ilk would be a status symbol, but that gets into generic male stereotypes that women are only good for conquering or their sexual appeal, and (despite being forced to hide behind the anonymity of the internet due to this being a blog) I just don’t consider myself that kind of guy.

    There’s no need to worry about people like Megan Fox. Any guy who would lust after her and those like her are as empty inside as the girls they lust after. Leave the greasy Megan Fox lookalikes and their male counterparts to get it on in some skeezy bathroom somewhere, while the rest of us who actually care about companionship and fun live a more fulfilling life.

  8. Honey girl. I am sorry you ever feel like that. Been there too. I follow your tweets too and you seem pretty well able to hold your own, and baffle anyone else on the floor. You are more than hawt enough for anyone. One of my favorite phrases is ‘F ’em & the horse they rode in on if…’ whatever. Not the best brain visual but I believe you probably know similar and better I don’t know if MF has smarts, looks are fleeting. Too much work, I’d rather be clever and flirty and not have to constantly brush off slugs. You have a great job because you are good at what you do and…bblah blah …turning into a mum talk here. After 40 or so it is true that one does start to say f it and mean it. Too bad we can’t start out of the gate like that. I wish I was as socially able as you but oh well, I do what I can and I still have fun. Okay I have more than one cat but the stereotype has to be maintained. Have a great time at sdcc, and tell us everything.

  9. Thats the worst thing you can do to somebody… is not live up to their expectations. :P I think you’re overanalyzing a tad. If you ‘woo’ them both online and IRL then you have nothing to worry about. Be yourself, have fun and all that social stuff. I’m sure they’ be like, “Who’s Megan Fox?” Or not…


  10. Megan Fox is decent enough eye candy, but a) way the hell too young for me, b) I would have to meet her and talk to her in person to see if I would like her as a person. c) I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t give my fat, ugly, old ass the time of day (and she really shouldn’t at 37 I think I’m a bit old for her!)

  11. You can’t compare yourself to Megan Fox any more than I could compare myself to Hugh Jackman. (Even though I’m waaaaaaaaaay hotter than that loser).

    The point is that you just have to be you. Not everyone will like you, but that’s their problem. I for one hope I get to meet lots of my twitter friends and online acquaintances, I’m interested to see what makes you guys tick.

  12. To answer your questions:

    You’re a guy, you lust after Megan Fox. But what would you do with her if you had her? (Well, besides knocking boots?) Is it about status and having a hot babe on your arm? Do you think she’s be remotely interesting to talk to?

    I have no idea; the “status” of having a “hot babe on your arm” wouldn’t be worth the trouble of having an actual relationship with her (judging by what I’ve heard of her in interviews, etc.). That’s probably why you would hear more guys bragging about having sex with her than about having a relationship with her. And no, I don’t get the impression that she would be a great conversationalist.

    And if you meet a girl who’s not a hottie, but has a “great personality” (ooooh, the kiss of death), is intelligent, fun, geeky and smart — would you be disappointed that she’s not Megan Fox?

    Nope. I actually tend to prefer “cute” girls over “hot” girls, for some reason (or, rather, the “cute” ones are the “hot” ones to me, generally). Give me substance over a Triple-B (boobs, butt, and brainless) any day.

  13. I don’t really follow your blog, but I love your tweets (I’m @gamecouch) and if I went to things like SDCC one of the highlights would be meeting you and other people I follow online.

    I really don’t understand the Cult of Megan Fox. She must have an amazing PR person. I mean she’s attractive, but no more so than the average hot chick I see at the mall.

    Um, back to your original question. “Intelligent, fun, geeky and smart,” is sexy. Much more so that someone who benefits from good lighting, makeup, and publicity.

  14. Daisycor3 Daisycor3

    I’m glad for this blog entry. I think this is something that many women face (and men, too I’m sure). I think it is good to put it out there. Hey, maybe you will have just comforted some of your readers in knowing they are not alone. :)

  15. I’m probably the wrong person to comment, since I’ve never actually been to a convention (chalk it up to geographic isolation early in life), but, my contribution:

    1) Relax — we don’t want Megan Fox. Sure, Megan Fox is pretty to look at, but, believe it or not, most of us wouldn’t want to be in the same room with her in real life. She’s self-absorbed, bitchy, and regards her fans with contempt. Geek guys know that, which is why she’s better relegated to the realm of fantasy. In the end, at the risk of sounding like the ABC After School Special, what matters is how a person thinks, what they like, and, most importantly, how they view themselves. Which brings me to…

    2) Just be confident. Online, you’re at the center of a very high-numbered hub. People gravitate towards you because you’re smart, articulate, have shared interests, and, yeah, flirty. Trust me — you bring that game to the convention, and you won’t have a thing to worry about.

    3) You’re nervous because you perceive more at stake. Long before I married a great gal, I did some online distance relationship stuff. And there was always that pressure of, “what if she hates me in real life?” Heck, I burned my body to a swollen crispiness, trying to get a fake tan… everywhere. (Worst idea ever, by the way.) And, in the end, it either worked or it didn’t based on the emotional/conversational tie between me and the other person — physicality was very secondary. When you meet someone in a bar, it’s boobs before brains, sure. But these people know you better than any sidelong glance would accomplish, and that knowledge gives you a very proven +8 on a d20.

    4) You’re a geek girl at a sci-fi convention. If I have to explain why the odds are on your side here, then I’m revoking your geek card.

  16. Anonymous Anonymous

    megan fox is nice to look at, sure. but then, aren’t many things nice to look at? she’s kinda annoying now because she is over exposed and her complete self-promotion has gone the wrong side of arrogance. I prefer my lovely geeky girlfriend who I can sit down with and play magic the gathering and talk about all things geek. Knocking boots is an awesome extra :)


  17. For what it’s worth…Megan Fox is, in my opinion, a vacuous non-entity who interests me about as much as watching paint dry. Bottom line…boys are interested in the hottie of the moment. Men are interested in substantial, interesting women who have more to offer than anything that Megan Fox or Pam Anderson could ever offer.

    Be yourself, enjoy yourself…you’ll have a blast!

  18. Anonymous Anonymous

    Just a note. Real girls kick movie stars asses any day.

  19. stop worrying so much…yes i know that’s easy to say, but as a fellow geek (even though i drool over megan fox) i enjoy a much more intelligent conversation with a woman, regardless of her looks. if i have to stop and think for things to talk about with a woman, it may as well be over before it even starts. and judging by the sounds of it, i don’t think you have that problem. regardless of what females think of the opposite sex, yes we do enjoy enticing minds…


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