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James Silvani’s Draw-A-Saurus is both funny and functional

One of my favorite things about James Silvani’s new book Draw-A-Saurus is that, while it’s goal is to teach you how to draw a ‘saurus (see how that works?), you can still enjoy it if you’re a complete artistic luddite.

I know this because I loved it and I can’t even draw a decent cube.

Silvani combines real drawing instruction with adorable and hilarious editorial commentary (the “editor” notes are amazing) which makes this book work as both a teaching manual and source of entertainment.

So, whether you want to know how to draw realistic dinosaur armor or you just want to see an Pterodactyl fishing (with a pole), there’s something in here for everyone.

At only $14 bucks, I think it’s an amazing deal and it’s in stock now over at Amazon.

I took a few pictures, they’re handheld, but I snapped some stuff I thought you might like.

You can see them after the break.

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