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Hot Topic Funko exclusive Supernatural Castiel with WINGS & a Charlie Bradbury. Day = made.

Considering the fact that I lost my ever loving mind when I realized there was a Hot Topic exclusive version the Supernatural Funko Castiel WITH WINGS, I figure I’d share the news.

Now only does such a thing exists, but they’re releasing a Charlie Bradbury as well!

The Castiel is sold out for now but here’s the link if you want to keep an eye out for it. As for Charlie, I didn’t find her in a Hot Topic search for “Charlie”, but I’m hoping she’ll be listed soon.

I admit. I have no self control and I hit eBay (Charlie search/Cas search)  to find them both. I bought those things so fast, it should be illegal. But my birthday’s coming up and I decided it’s a present.

I also found Cas on Amazon  here and Charlie here.

My current squee level is 11. My cheeks hurt from smiling. My day is totally made.

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