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If You Talked About It Today, I’ll Bet Entertainment Earth Has It

People have been linking to items this morning and, because I don’t know if people really know about Entertainment Earth and the breadth of items we carry, I thought I’d do a little demonstration.

amy_geek posted a link to the preview for The Guild comic at CBR.

The Guild #1 Comic Book is available for pre-order at EE.

@Agent_M tumbl’d his @starwars lightsaber chopsticks in full effect.

Entertainment Earth not only has the chopsticks he’s using for order, but several other Kotobukiya chopsticks.

Bioshock? Yep. Mass Effect? It’s there. Plus DC Universe, LEGO, Iron Man and more.

I may need to do a survey. Think of a current or upcoming item and search it on EE. Tell me if you find it or not.

I’m betting you’ll find more than you think. ;-)

Oh and, if you have a blog or site and you talk about this stuff, then I may have to poke you if you’re not an EE affiliate. Just sayin’.

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