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A Moment..

I know I mostly tweet for work stuff and I generally keep it pretty light, but I just got off the phone with my mom and aunt and wanted to take just a moment here to tell you something a little more personal.

My cousin, who’s not much older than I am, is dying of cancer and has chosen not to continue the battle. Which means he’ll be gone from the planet in a matter of days.

I respect his choice. I understand it and, while he and I have never been very close, there are many in my family who will be amazingly struck by his loss.

Just two months in to 2010, I’m faced with the loss of two people who are family — either by blood or by choice. The ripples have been non-stop and I don’t anticipate they effects will slow for some time to come.

But there’s one thing I keep coming back to with all of this. One thought I’ve had.

If I died today, this minute, would the people around me know how much I loved them? Would they know what they meant to me. Would they know what an impact they made in my life?

If you can’t say yes to those questions. If you know you’ve left things unsaid or undone…do what needs doing and say what needs saying.

If you can do that, the ripples of your passing might hold less pain and more smiles for the ones you leave behind.


  1. I’m really sorry that this is hitting so close to home. Thank you for those wise words.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    i’m w/u diva…

  3. Well said. It’s so important to tell people…instead of assuming.

  4. Excellent post.
    I’m so so sorry. Cancer is horrible and never more so than in young people.

  5. Well said and very true. Thanks for posting something so personal.

  6. I lost my twin sister last year. It has been really tough because we were increadibly close. But what has made grieving eaiser is that ever since then people have been coming out of the woodworks to let me know how special she was to them because of the things she’s done for them. People I have never even met before.

    People know what they mean to you by the way you interact with them. If you do good things for the people in your life, they notice and appreciate it. Actions transend words.

  7. I have been asking myself these same damn questions for the past few months. Who can ever really know for certain?

    Excellent post, excellent sentiment. I am sorry for your cousin though. Nothing like death to make us open our eyes to life.

  8. That’s beautiful. Well said.

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