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I got to unbox the Hot Toys Iron Patriot Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow and, man, is it pretty.

Amazingly, the folks at Sideshow Collectibles seem to be amused by my completely home made unboxing posts and my amateur photography, because they sent me another bit of shiny and, in the case of the Hot Toys Iron Patriot Sixth Scale Figure, shiny is definitely the word.

The Iron Patriot is part of their Diecast Movie Masterpiece Series, it lights up and it’s insanely detailed. Armor plates flip up and/or out. It’s crazy articulated and it’s heavy!

It also comes with all sorts of cool accessories.

The GeekBoy helped me out on this one. We seem to have found a system where he handles the figure and I take the pictures (that sounds way more dirty than intended) because he’s less clumsy than I am. Honestly, these figures are so cool that I worry I’m going to break something when I try to pop off the head or pose them. Not because they’re delicate, but because I’m….accident prone.

So, I took the pictures (hush, we’re not going to discuss my skills or the fact that I leave stuff in the background) and I’m posting them after the break with a few comments.

But here’s the main review – This figure kicks ass. Period. It’s pretty, it’s shiny and it’s 100% worth the money. It really is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

If you have a love for Iron Patriot and you can afford it, I’d say get it for sure. If only to be able to put it together and light it up and then just sit in the dark and stare at it in a totally non creepy way.

Picture time!

The packaging on the outside. 

The inner packaging, which looks cool as well.

See all the stuff? Two face plates, all sorts of additional hands and extra weapons.

Strike a pose.

You can’t tell, but pretty much every piece of armor has a seam and a separate plate. It’s crazy.

Oh yeah, the base and the batteries.

Teeeeny battieries.

I just wanted a lit up helmet picture.

Eyes, chest ARC reactor, palm repulser and base all lit up

Rhodey says hi.
Thanks again to Sideshow for giving me this opportunity. They’ve been so cool to work with and I can’t say enough good things about everyone on the team.
Please head over there and take a look at this figure to get more information. If nothing else, they have WAY better pictures. ;-)

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