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I got to check out Sideshow’s Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure. I have thoughts.

A little while ago, Sideshow Collectibles sent me their DC Comics Catwoman and I pretty much lost my mind with happy.

I also did my first action figure unboxing and had a delightful time taking bad pictures and squeeing over details. But, as cheesy as I thought I was, the folks at Sideshow seemed to like it because they sent me something else.

Their Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure from The Wolverine.

I’m going to admit that I squeed. I promptly undressed him. I put him in fun poses. We (The GeekBoy and I because I need help with some of this stuff) laughed a lot when we took off his head to take off his tie and his head went rolling. (We’re so pro). And I took some (shaky/blurry/sometimes okay) pictures.

But here’s the main thing, bad photography aside. This figure blew my mind. The details are just unreal.

In my effort to get him down to his iconic undershirt and pants…

…we had to take off his overcoat, his suit jacket, his tie, and a black shirt — all of which had the teeniest buttons. Details like having to take his head off and then flip up his collar to get a tie off are just…awesome. Hilarious at my house, but I can’t tell you how many times I just sat there…staring at how intricate this was.

In the end, we got him posed up and got the adamatium claws on him (Oh yeah, he comes with, like, a gazillion hands: fists, relaxed, bone claws, adamantium claws)

and posed him on the mantel. He’s chillin’ there pretty happily.

I think my favorite picture is the one where the sunlight is reflecting off his claws.

If you want to see awesome pictures and, more importantly, get yourself this epic figure, you can get him now from Sideshow for $224.99, which I think is an amazing price for this level of craftsmanship.

Enjoy my hilariously bad photography after the break.

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