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If you like LEGO, I have a little insider info for you.

Entertainment Earth just posted a ton of new LEGO items. Like….seriously a lot.

If you want them, order them NOW. Don’t “check back” and don’t wait. Pre-order. You’re not billed till they come in. But you’re reserving a pre-order and that’s key.

See, here’s the deal. We get the LEGO item details and we have to get our orders in pretty dang fast. That means, if you wait, chances are good that your order isn’t on that first PO we placed. Which means, by the time the shipment comes in, you’re going to be far enough down the line in pre-orders that you may not get them even if we have them.

Because of the way EE ships, we’d ship stock we have, filling pre-orders first and, if we have more orders than stock, then anyone further down in line is never going to see that item showing as “In Stock”. Nope, you’ll just see a date change and you’ll be waiting and hoping and wondering.

Add that LEGO tends to go fast and, well, now you get the urgency?

So, here’s a list of the newest LEGO items listed on Entertainment Earth in the last 30 days. (if you’re a real enthusiast, you can bookmark this link and you’ll have a search that will always refresh to the “last 30 days/LEGO search”.

Click it, check it, order what you need.

If you decide to wait and miss out, you can’t say I didn’t warn you ;-)

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