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GeekDad /salute

If you’ve been reading, it’s no secret I’ve become a fan of the guys over at GeekDad. Maybe I have GeekDad envy. Maybe I’m trying to get them to adopt me…dunno.

Either way, after reading a recent post and musing to myself about their love of Top 10 lists, I wrote one up as a giggle.

Top Ten Toys for GeekDads and GeekSpawn

1) The EE Exclusive Star Wars Boba Fett and Carbonite Maquette (Number 1 — because it’s JUST THAT COOL!)

2) Exclusive Star Trek Original Series Medical Tricorder (PLEASE NOTE: Must be used at the opening of the Star Trek movie to embarrass your kids)

3) Doctor Who Time Squad 5-Packs Assortment Set (To train little hands for the 14th Doctor)

4) Star Trek Classic Captain Kirk Chair Replica (Just to remind Everyone that Dad really is “The Man”)

5) Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set (You can buy multiples and everyone can make a different saber!)

6) NERF Dart Tag Hyperfire Deluxe 2-Player Set (Because you can’t kill your kids in real life ::grin::)

7) Star Wars Ahsoka Super Deformed Plush (For nighttime cuddling. Teddy bears are -so- not Geek)

8) Mighty Muggs Customizable Blank White Vinyl Figure (For those geek family art projects)

9) LEGO 7675 Star Wars AT-TE Walker (Because LEGO + Star Wars = Win!)

10) What…there is no 10! I have to do everything? ;-)

Suggestion for the next Top Ten list (inspired by my husband’s response to a recent GPS we got):

Top Ten Gadgets You Want To Take Apart Just To See How They Work.

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