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First Look At The Target Disney Princesses Merida Doll…and a thought…

Well, it looks like the “new” Merida has been released for the Target Disney Princesses line and…um, blech?
However, I think I may have a theory and, if I’m right, it bodes well and not ill for those of us who hate this make over.
I took a look at the Target listing for this Disney Princess collection and, if you read it, one of the things that becomes very clear is that it’s a fairly cheaply made and badly reviewed set. If you look at it, none of the princesses really look like their animated counterparts and it’s really just a set of dolls in the (kinda) clothes of the Disney characters we all know and love.
Then I started thinking. This set has been in production in China. They needed how many months of lead time? I mean, this set had to be on the water and en route to stores when the uproar happened and Target isn’t going to simply not sell product they paid to license and make, so Disney had to accommodate this…glop…into their marketing in a “we meant to do it” way because, well, it was already happening and they make a lot of money off Target.
But I think Disney may well have started rethinking their decision on Merida and, if you look at the pictures from her actual coronation, she’s definitely more the Merida we know and love. 
Not to mention, she looked an awful lot like the Merida who’s already been in the park for over a year.
So, take heart. This is feeling more and more like a Target issue than an overall Disney issue and if we got worried every time Target made a crappy looking toy…well, no one has that much energy. ::grin::

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