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Geekdom And The Art Of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester

I admit that I was late to the party on Supernatural. I’ve been aware of it since they were casting, but it took me until the 5th season to finally take the GeekBoy’s advice and start watching.

I am now a complete and utter convert and I love the show because it’s funny, smart, action packed, emotional, and geeky.

Which brings me to my question.

Dean has definitely become more geeky as the show has gone on, but I seem to recall that Sam used to be the geekier one and that Dean used to grief him about it a bit.

Am I right or do I need to go back and rewatch the first 2 seasons?

On a related note, I’m pretty sure that part of the growth of the geek side of SPN is the fact that the writers and producers figured out that they had a definite audience for those sorts of things. Using actresses like Felicia Day & Amada Tapping, actors like Mark Sheppard — they know who we like.

To be clear, all of the geekdom makes me love SPN all the more. The show has become one of my absolute faves ever.

I’m just curious about the growth of Dean’s nerd side and wanted to know what you guys thought.

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