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Call Me Miss Misc.

It’s been one of those days where there’s just been too much good stuff. Holy mackerel! I was going to go to all the trouble of writing a post but then, the items info started coming in and I started surfing and so I’m just gonna share the goodies.

I can haz toyz!?!

We got new pics for the Dexter 7-Inch Action Figure and he looks…oddly happy. ::grin:: Plus, you can read the blog post for more info at the Bif Bang Pow! blog.

They got posted ages ago and then went poof and now, suddenly, they’re back! G.I. Joe Vehicles Wave 5 now available for pre-order.

Domo + Qee = Win! or the Domo Qee Mystery Box Display

OMG. Zombies!. Yep Flesh Eating Zombies Figure Set. Can you say BRAAAIINNNSS!!!!

One for the Star Wars Geeks ;-) Star Wars Framed First-Day Covers Stamps

So, yeah, this is me today. Chillin’ to Tori Amos on the iPod, looking at toys and planning mischief.

Not bad ::grin::

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