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Blizzcon Wrap-Up. Short version. ;-)

So, Blizzcon.

First of all, I have to say that I fail. Because, while I got this adorable pic of this adorable girl and her adorable murloc, I came home with only a pic of either ;-(

Still, I got the shot while waiting for the Opening ceremonies on Friday and it was a great way to pass the time.

I’ll keep it short, because if you were reading the tweetstream, I already know I was verbose enough for everyone.


  1. Got to see the announcement for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
  2. Squeed with joy before said announcement, during the vid and after the vid.
  3. Got to play the new Worgen class AND avoided the line thanks to a friend. (I’ll admit, that made it even more awesome.)
  4. Got the highlights on the expansion and am totally stoked for a lot of the new changes.
  5. Am shaking my fist at Blizz for making me drool over changes that I won’t see for a year.
  6. Got to meet and chat with one of the guys responsible for the Wrathgate cinematic at the party and had a good laugh over the constant screams in Fordragon Hold. (not to mention, I now know the names of the screamers and hadthem reproduced during the convo!)
  7. Met up with a couple guildmates (and promptly felt my poor geek girl heart break in dismay as they are both adorable and taken. Le sigh! Always the way. ::grin) I also got to smooch on a few of my other boys who made it over on Saturday. I have to say, I know some good lookin’ men!

What else.

Oh yeah, I got to check out The Guild panel. ;-)

So, all in all, had a blast. We didn’t stay late on Saturday, so I missed the panels later Saturday and I didn’t get to see Ozzy, but I got reports on everything and it sounds like everyone had a blast.

I already know there are more informative recaps out there, but this was mine and…hey, it had a cute pic in it!

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