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Astrology and BPAL? Oh yeah ;-)

I love when my worlds collide. ::grin::

My goth babe, dance partner, sexy time, snuggable Forest (aka @ForestNuiCobalt) is doing astrology over at the Black Phoenix Gazette. If you’re an astrology fan, I have a feeling you’re gonna lover her stuff.

Just a taste…

Astrological Interplay for October 2010
October begins with a veritable spy game to challenge our perceptions. First, we are asked to see both the forest and the trees as Mercury continues his task-oriented trek through Virgo‘s realm of precision. Jupiter and Uranus are complicating the matter by pulling his focus repeatedly toward the spiritual and philosophical “big picture.” They want to find meaning in the minutia: a cosmic reason for all of this i-dotting and t-crossing. That’s quite a lot to ask when mere management of the everyday is strenuous enough. Their idealistic expectations aren’t likely to resemble the factual information he collects …

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars have yet another lovers’ tryst, this time in the dark and dirty chambers of Scorpio on October 3rd. Their summertime romance in Libra was far more civilized than this lusty entanglement promises to be. The pleasant superficiality of their courtship dance back in August was by comparison a thin, empty gesture. This time, they get serious and matters of the heart are likely to get much, much messier. Well, true intimacy always is.

You can read the rest and grab a feed here ;-)

Happy Sunday!


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