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A Quick Word About Boobies And How You Can Help Keep Them Healthy

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know I’m a fan of healthy breasts. ::grin::

Since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to make sure I did my part to keep your mind on boobies and how to keep them healthy ;-)

I made a new page for the month of October. It’s got links to folks who are doing their part to help those with breast cancer and also to raise awareness and money for a cure.

My grandmother had a double mastectomy when I was a baby and I know breast cancer has been something my family has always had to be aware of. It seems to have touched all of our live in one way or another.

So, if you could… Tell a friend, share the page, click the links and let’s do what we can to help.

And if you have a link to add, I have a note on there with details on how to add it ;-)

Kisses and big breasty hugs!




  1. I’m glad you’re doing this! I’ve got a list going of bloggers who are doing posts and raising awareness – mostly I know beauty bloggers/nail polish bloggers. I have a post up today with a list of charities, and a few special sites that my mom, who’s fighting her second round of breast cancer, listed as her “favorites”. If you’d like to take a look, my link is I’ve added your link to my sidebar! Thank you :)

  2. Wow! My family/friends haven’t had to deal with breast cancer at all yet – but my husband’s family has, so even he does self-checks every once in a while.

    I’d also recommend the daily click site:

    Thanks for sharing, GGD!

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