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Are You Maximizing The Profit Potential of The Geek Girl Demographic?

Hi there. I’m a Geek Girl and I may very likely be an extremely profitable demographic you currently aren’t capturing.

You may want to reconsider that.

If you already know what a Geek Girl is, feel free to skip through the next paragraph and directly onto the “Marketing Suggestions“. If not, let me ‘splain.

The Geek Girl, for those of you who may not know the term, is the 20something to 40something female with a love of technology, pop culture, music, toys and (likely) social media. Additionally, the Geek Girl is very prone to mixing her love of the aforementioned hobbies and sharing them with other Geeks of the female and male persuasion.

“Marketing Suggestions”

If you don’t currently court the Geek Girl demographic, you may want to consider asking telling your marketing team to get on it. For the following reasons:

  1. Geek Girls generally have a large social network and, if they find items they like, they will talk about them. The term “squee” is defined as “the sound of delight made by a Geek Girl when she is particularly pleased by something shiny, pretty, artitic or techy.”

    Side note: If you achieve the “squee”, your sale is practically guaranteed.

  2. Geek Girls usually have discretionary income and are happy to spend it.
  3. Geek Girls do not shop only for themselves. They can be married, single, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, co-workers and more. If you unlock the full potential of the Geek Girl shopper, you will very likely earn a repeat customer who can also become a fantastic referral resource.
  4. Geek Girls will oftentimes ask for suggestions on what, where and whether to buy, thereby offering your product additional coverage.
  5. And, finally, Geek Girls are, oftentimes, in some way engaging with Geek Guys. Which (if you extrapolate) opens up your marketing stream exponentially.

So, in a nutshell, if you’re not actively marketing to the Geek Girl demographic, then you’re losing income daily.

You may want to look into that. ;-)



  1. Geek girls are the super-l33tz awesomesauce :)
    So yeah, send more advice my way, I wish to fill my world with their sexah geekness :)

  2. @Joshua Jericho

    Well, you know where to find me. ::grin:: Ask a question and I’ll do what I can to answer.

  3. Great post, and very true! I’d love to see more about how marketing to a Geek Girl directly can be done, or a comparison of how it differs from general marketing? What keywords/notes/things can/should be done to reach the Geek Girl market? Thanks!

    also, I agree with Dino about finding a Geek Girl of your own. (b^.^)b

  4. Coincidentally, those are many of the same reaosns why we built SoulGeek.Com. Fewer things in life are sweeter than finding a Geek Girl of your own to make go “squee!”.

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